Month: February 2017

Finding Clients For Your Food-Based Business

There’s an incredible amount of opportunity out there right now for people trying to make a buck on the food industry. And it doesn’t really matter what your speciality is, so long as you can somehow use it to work with restaurants, food suppliers, anyone in the food-prep field, etc. The world is your oyster, and creativity is your golden goose egg! (more…)

Best Time To Visit New York City

The Big Apple is a top travel destination that enjoys the distinct characteristics of all four seasons.  Each season offers visitors a host of unique New York sightseeing experiences.  In warmer months New Yorkers relish their time outdoors, whether at a beach, or in a park, or on the Hudson.  And as the song goes, autumn in New York is “inviting” with colourful displays of fall foliage.  Winter in Central Park brings horse-drawn carriage rides, sledding, and ice skating.  Check out these activities categorized by season, and plan your travel time in NYC in advance, so you get the best out of each season.   (more…)

4 Easy Ways To Live a Healthier Life

When it comes to living a healthier life many people don’t know where to start. If you’ve never had healthy habits before it can seem like there is too much information to even know where to begin.  This can cause people to feel like they may as well not start at all.