Analytical investigation try performed having fun with SPPS, type 17

0. Earliest the content is processed and you will cleared to possess shed and you will extreme beliefs. The information and knowledge were checked-out for models regarding lost thinking and then appropriate process were utilized to cope with shed data. Detailed analytics when it comes to main inclination (mean, average and setting) and you may dispersion tips (fundamental deviation and variance), as well as regularity shipment and you may proportions were used to resolve the analysis concerns. The latest descriptive analytics gotten was weighed against almost every other normative products when you look at the the fresh new books. The brand new chi-squared sample was utilized to mГёte Gresk kvinner test distinctions along the training, perceptions and choice-and then make domains in terms of chose market characteristics of one’s users.

Demographic characteristics

The brand new suggest ages of the players are 42.six (SD 12.9) ages, ranging from 22 so you’re able to 72 many years. All of the participants (90.3%) got 1 spouse and nine.7% of them had dos wives (discover Table 1). Nothing of your own players had more than 2 spouses. The number of births varied of 0 so you can 22 youngsters with average number of 5.5 (SD cuatro.5). At exactly the same time, 98.0% of your players stated that they wanted to have significantly more college students.

All the men (ninety.4%) had been given certain education ever within their life. Those types of who were to college, ninety five.3% had large supplementary or lower quantity of studies, when you’re eight.7% had a qualification, baccalaureate or master’s education. Of means out of reading once the a supply of information, all of the men reported that it didn’t comprehend (52.0%). Of those exactly who understand, they certainly were reading regarding twice each week to help you monthly (27.4%), demonstrating you to definitely hardcopy topic was not its common supply of guidance.

Information about family members thought

The study of your own education level indicated that 93.5% of ily thought, and 90.9% of them had observed an approach to prevent pregnancy (Table dos). Whenever asked exactly what measures they’d heard about, more than three-home of guys had observed the brand new intrauterine device (IUD) (74.0%) and you may dental contraceptive tablets (79.0%). Additionally, 37.0% of them claimed hearing throughout the treatments, outside climax as well as the male condom. None of your own dudes had ever heard from the using spermicidal soap or plastic membranes (women condom).

When asked about accessibility birth-control forty-five.1% of one’s dudes said already playing with an approach to contraceptive which have its wife, toward large have fun with to the IUD (74.0%), additional ejaculation (20.9%) and you will oral contraceptives (14.0%). An identical ratio of participants had used a method to birth-control (forty five.7%), most commonly dental contraceptives (51.2%) or IUD (34.9%). Although not, a greater ratio of your members (63.6%) believed that they and their partner could use birth-control actions in the future.

Attitudes towards the household members considered

Off these types of men’s room thinking towards family unit members think, the outcome showed really confident attitudes to help you most pieces of the size and style (Desk 3). There were highest contract prices regarding the: that have at the very least dos years’ spacing anywhere between college students (93.3%), doing birth prevention shortly after childbearing (71.2%), the health benefits associated with spacing for another youngster (99.0%), the benefits of contraception inside upbringing and you will meeting the requirements of its people (95.2%), encouraging wives to make use of contraceptive (82.7%), associated wives within their visits in order to nearest and dearest planning centres (70.2%) and you will revealing family considered difficulties with a doctor (78.8%).

Likewise, there can be a higher level away from dispute on: nearest and dearest thought as the woman’s duty hence the guy had a couch potato part (85.6%), an excellent woman’s preference never to talk to their partner from the family considered (76%), a great people’s taste to possess not speaking of nearest and dearest think together with partner (77%) and a woman’s taste without having their unique spouse restrict family believe decisions (82.7%). Amazingly, hitched men did not agree totally that having far more students are evidence of their masculinity (75.0% disagreed), and additionally they have been only meagerly in the contract to your perception you to a man can be proud of having so much more people (54.8% disagreed).