Pizza is a sort of food that are eaten with a pizza stone, which is like a pizza wheel, but it rotates and forms the pizza dough in the shape of a pizza. Most people prefer pizza as a sort of meal, but there are people who enjoy having it as their only meal. The base or crust of the pizza is what makes it different from other kinds of bread. Pizza crusts are normally thicker than other kinds of bread because of the oil that is spread on it. This oil gives the crust a different taste than the ordinary kind of bread, and that is why most people prefer having only pizza crusts at a restaurant or special occasion. However, if you have never had pizza and you want to try it out yourself, here are some tips for you to follow.

Preparing the Dough for Pizza – There are many ways to prepare a pizza recipe, but the most common one is to use a mix of all purpose flour, water and yeast. It is very important that you mix this all ingredients together well before you start working on the dough. When this is done, you can already roll it out and cut it into the shapes that you desire. You can now already cook your pizza according to the pizza recipe that you will be using. Some people prefer to cook it on a preheated pizza stone, while there are others who like to bake it on a flat floured board.

Making Pizza toppings – There are so many toppings that you can now add into your pizza. Of course, the ones that are commonly loved by everyone are prosciutto, tomatoes, mozzarella and green onions. Apart from those, there are others that people also choose to add, such as pepperoni, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, olives, etc. Just make sure that your toppings blend well with the texture of your dough. Another great thing about this type of recipe is that you can experiment and try new toppings as well to create new flavors that you love.

Cooking the recipe correctly – One of the most common mistakes that people usually do when making homemade pizza crust is to only knead the dough for one hour. Most homemade pizza dough should be made for at least one hour. This allows the dough to be a chewer and not too dry. You must also take your time in building the elastic texture of your homemade pizza crust dough. It is best if you use a dough hook in order to ensure that the ingredients are evenly mixed. Also, when building your homemade pizza crust, you must work on building up the gluten as much as possible.

Baking – The second step that you need to know about this ultimate pizza recipe is the baking time. Although baking time varies depending on the recipe, most recipes recommend that baking time should take no less than 60 minutes. Of course, you also have to do some tricks just to make sure that your pizza is not burnt. For instance, you can place your pizza in the pre-baked pizza cutter and turn the pizza cutter on the counter. When the bottom crust of the pizza starts to brown, then you can remove it from the baking stone and put it on the pizza peel.

Pesto Pizza – The third step in making this great recipe is to spread the pesto evenly on the dough. You can make the pesto by using whole wheat bread as well as half yogurt. To make sure that your homemade pizza tastes great, you can add chopped onions, shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Make sure that the pesto is fully cooked before you remove it from the oven. Just keep in mind that this is one of the most important steps when making this recipe and all the more so if you follow these tips properly.