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How to be the perfect dinner host

Do you love to throw a good party and make a great dinner? Are you the first person your friends think of when they want someone to coordinate a shindig? Do you just want to learn about how you might be able to host one of the best dinner parties of the year? You might […]

Vegetarian okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancakes)

To be honest, Japanese food has never particularly appealed to me. I’ve never been to Japan (though it’s definitely on my list!), so I’m pretty ignorant about Japanese cuisine – the only thing I’m familiar with is (vegetarian!) sushi, which I don’t really enjoy. Cold rice and raw veggies really isn’t my thing. So when I first learned […]


My lovely Granny was an awesome cook. A few years ago, we found her old handwritten cookbook, and it’s amazing. It’s perfectly imperfect – spelling mistakes, scribbles, pages torn out, recipes slipped in the front on loose sheets of paper (in fact, one of them is even written on the back of a letter from […]


A couple of weeks ago, Samsung and Three sent me a Samsung S7* phone to try out. It’s sleeker than my old phone, and has a much larger memory (I can finally fit more than three apps on my phone, woop!), but the feature that’s got me most excited is the camera. Not only does it have a […]


I’ve made homemade falafel a few times now (most recently in May, when I shared my homemade falafel quinoa bowls), so I do apologise if you’re sick of seeing it. But when inspiration strikes, I tend to just run with it. This time I made cauliflower falafel, since we all know how much I love […]