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Mary, I am thus sick of my girlfriends sleep as much as our home most of the these days! However, I continue my tale. 2-3 weeks introduced following dating – all of our mothers debated towards dowry. I didn’t know if they had argued for real, however, in any event, it’s unbecoming to possess Russians so you can rush through the means of dating. Finally, my personal mommy come preparing myself on bride-to-be-tell you.

The afternoon came in spring season. Leshka along with his moms and dads first cruised within their carriage, adorned having bells and you can purple ribbons, along the community (to defend against evil spirits), ultimately, involved the house. This time, We earliest saw Leshka within his finest attire, his tresses combed carefully, and how fair, exactly how handsome are the guy! var man kan träffa Svenska damer His moms and dads examined our home, barns, our very own yard, praising dad for their wisdom and you will frugality. Up coming, the dads slapped hands within the contract, took aside a giant iron secure, locked it and you will threw out the primary, providing the secure into the newlyweds to own safekeeping. The fresh new arrangement try now done, and i went to give my girls it is time to assemble getting a great devichnik.

I am thus tired of this type of solemn proceedings!

The next day, it’s weekly you to definitely these include becoming here. Merely past, the fresh new girls required to the bathhouse and you will sparkling myself, since if I happened to be a corpse – in reality, this is exactly symbolic of myself passing away while the an unmarried girl and being reborn as a bride. It done haunting sounds and you will poured water they wash myself that have additional behind the new bathhouse, where in fact the worst spirits dwell. It separated my much time, thick braid towards the a few new ones, which means that now, that braid is for me personally plus the most other you’re to have my future offspring.

Later in the day, Leshka and his awesome dudes appeared, inebriated and you can jolly – this week, they truly are with an effective bachelor people. But he built-up himself and you may gave me and you may my personal girls small presents – adore tin bands, candy, hair combs and ribbons. Forgive me, I have to finish which page and get to sleep. The wedding ‘s the time once tomorrow – so I shall create to you shortly after. I can not see the composing from the tears. It had been absolutely a beneficial merely to be a good carefree girl…

However, my dated granny try happy that we try everything while the it actually was done in the changing times gone by

Mary, I am sorry on decrease. Just complete all my personal tasks, which typically put washing the house, rotating yarn, and other activities, as required – I am an entire-time partner today, and so i got this short split to write for your requirements when you’re Alexey went on fair, just like the he could be a beneficial counterman within his father’s steel and iron store in our urban area.

The marriage already been early in the early morning. I became getting ready to meet up with the site visitors during my mom’s wedding gown (better, our granny used it, as well, so you can her very own wedding) – the most amazing clothe themselves in this new village, it is said! The wedding procession turned up having particularly noise! The his family unit members, relatives, family unit members looked – several of all of them into the horseback, specific within wagons and carts, crowding brand new wide main street in our village. Leshka’s household members rode initial, screaming, the them blowing horns to push out dogs, beggars, and able to beat anyone who dares mix this new procession’s means. The only person who had been allowed to get it done try my mommy, who stood alongside a thick record, blocking how you can our very own front yard.

No sooner performed the fresh new parade go into the lawn than Leshka themselves shown my personal mother and father with a large jar off fermented honey and around three bottle of the finest moonshine he along with his father brewed – the marriage ransom. Upcoming, I sat within his carriage and we also on course on the chapel together with our parents, while most of parade rode to Leshka’s family, where desk was already full of an informed food and you may food you can consider…