Hello there, cheers for stopping by my site.

My name is Dennis, I run Dennisbake.com. Before you ask.. the domain was meant to be dennisbakes.com, but in my haste to get the domain registered I forgot to add an ‘s’ on the end, and Dennisbake.com was born! d’oh! (or should I say dough?!)


Some facts about me:

I’m married and have a dog called Milo who loves to try and get a mouthful of meal – 7 times out of 10 he’s unsuccessful, but blink for a second and he’s got half of my tea!

I do most of the cooking in our house, simply because I get home from work first, so the responsibility lies with me to get tea in.

My favourite foods are pizza, chicken or beef stroganoff, spicey chicken wings, or a massive cheese burger with bacon on it!


Not always mine! I’m not an innovator; instead I’ll try and replicate things I’ve found online, or try (and usually fail) at putting my own twist on things.

Work with me

So, I can try and offer the following – this list isn’t exhaustive by the way!

  • Attend your event
  • Attend your restaurant/cafe/food stand
  • Product reviews
  • Content partnerships – video or text based content

Any questions, hit me up on the address below and I’ll get back to you quicker than you can boil and egg (5 minutes for a runny egg!)