Over the years I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen and its safe to say I have learnt a thing or two.

There are two ways you can learn things in the world of baking. One is through practice – which we call “the hard way”! The other is from fellow bakers passing on their wisdom. This is why baking classes and courses, such as these bakery courses in delhi, are such a good idea. You will learn everything you need to know in a short space of time. Honing your skills might be an uphill task, but surely, constant practice (with all your trial and errors) will not fail you! Who knows, you might just become good enough to apply for jobs as a bakery chef on sites such as bakeryjobs.in, among many others!

With that in mind, I started the Denis Bakes blog to share my kitchen tips with the world and fellow bakers who want to learn a thing or two about cooking and baking or for those who want to improve on their skills or even start up their own bakery! Obviously, when you set out to start a bakery, you might have come across recommendations like investing in a quality propeller mixer, buying the right pans at large size, purchasing materials in bulk, and so on. Listen closely to such pieces of advice as they could come in handy one day. If you’re going to be practicing a lot, and we all know that practice makes perfect when it comes to baking, then you might want to buy some ingredients in bulk, like Bulk Milk Powder. Milk is a common ingredient in baking, but takes up a lot of space in the fridge and goes out of date quickly, so it’s expensive to keep buying more. If you’re serious about baking, a bulk order of all your main ingredients is going to save you money down the line!

Take a look at some of my top baking tips below and please get in touch if you have any of your own or find any of the below useful!

Bringing Your Eggs to Room Temperature

Many recipes that include eggs in baking, such as creaming eggs and sugar require room temperature eggs. Many of us keep our eggs in the fridge but you can bring your eggs to room temperature by placing them in warm/hot water for 5-10 minutes!

Ripen Bananas

If you need to ripen your bananas for baking there is a quick way to do so without having to run to the shops for more bananas.

Simply place your banana in the oven at 300 F oven for 30 to 40 minutes on a lined tray (in case of any leakage) and you’re good to go but remember to cool the bananas for around 20 minutes before using.

Warm Refrigerated Butter

As with the eggs, it can be frustrating to get halfway through a recipe only to discover your butter is cold and not room temperate as the recipe requires.

A quick fix is to place the butter in the microwave and blast for 8-10 seconds, flip it over then heat again for another 5-8 seconds.

Double Line Your Tin or Tray

There is nothing worse than making a cake or loaf of bread only to get it out the oven and it to be stuck to the tin!

I always double line my tins and trays using baking parchment and then using room temperature butter, just to be sure.

Continue Cooking Without Burning

If your muffins or cakes look like they’re done but aren’t yet cooked through, cover the tops with a sheet of foil. This will stop the browning of the tops but still continue to cook the middle.

Check Your Bake

After you have cooked for the recommended recipe time, check your bake by using a thin skewer, inserting into the middle of the bake and pulling it out. If it comes out clean, then the middle is cooked, if it comes out wet and with mixture then it needs longer.

Double Frost

Perfecting frosting can be super difficult but it can be easier if you double frost.

Do your first layer as normal, then let it cool before frosting again. This will create a smoother finish and overall nicer looking cake!

Never Guess Weights

If you don’t have any kitchen scales, go out and buy them now!

Even a few grams out can hinder an entire bake and throw it all off balance and I promise you’ll never get it right so always use scales and if you want to add a little extra, later on, that’s fine but stick to the recipe.

So, there you have some of my top baking tips, take a look at my other blog posts for even more cooking and baking tips.