Many people set out to lose weight by buying the latest supplements, the latest diet books, and the most popular workout DVD’s only to find that the scale won’t budge.  Many people have the best intentions and feel like they are trying their hardest only to find that they aren’t seeing their hard work pay off.

This lack of progress can cause people to not only feel frustrated but ultimately leads to giving up altogether.  After all, why give up on all of your favorite foods and indulging in your addictions if there isn’t any payoff?  Before you give up, however, consider that maybe there isn’t a factor that you are considering.  Take a look at some of the most common reasons why people’s weight loss efforts don’t show and what you can do to fix it.

Snacking In Between Meals

One of the biggest culprits of calories is snacking.  You may think that a few handfuls of snacks throughout the day which are relatively low in calories won’t make a difference to your meal plan.  However, when you start adding up small increments of extra calories throughout the day, they can end up totaling a lot more than you imagine.

Even just a few small handfuls of nuts and some juice can add as many as 600 calories to your day.  The best way to avoid doing this is to log all of your calories even the ones that you may think aren’t important.  Once you start doing this the reality of how much you are actually consuming will come to light.

Not Enough Movement Throughout The Day

Many people make the mistake of thinking that because they are on a workout program which includes a period of exercise at some point in the day that they don’t need to move as much throughout the rest of the day.  However, in order to lose weight, you should be active the entire day if you want to see results.

If you burn 300 calories in an intense 30-minute workout but hardly move throughout the rest of the day, then you won’t see results.  As opposed to consistently walking at a moderate pace throughout the day which burns 500 calories.  Working out is great and can add muscle definition, however, if you do so just make sure you move the rest of the day as well.

Not Reading Labels Correctly

Some people make the error of reading labels incorrectly and end up consuming as many as three times the calories that they think they’re eating.  Always make sure that you are reading the calories per portion and calculating how many portions are in a container. This way you can avoid extra calories being consumed.