In the year 2018, crafting a perfect proposal is no longer just a man’s role. Women propose just as often as their masculine counterparts, and the proposal ideas are getting more creative as the years pass.

Changes in social structures, technology, and the ways in which we communicate have made for a recipe to some of the most compelling marriage proposals yet. Take a few moments to enjoy yourself, and read through a few creative proposal ideas that work whether you are a man or a woman.

Just a touch of the ‘80s

For all those adults that are kids of the ‘80s, there’s no shame in flaunting your vintage joy. A Mario-themed proposal is where it can all begin for you and your lover.

Start by crafting or purchasing a question mark ring box. You can either make it yourself, or find it somewhere in the infinite universe of the internet. The point is to make the box from the Mario Bros game that produces a mystery item when you hit it.

Inside the box, place a tiny note that reads, “Will you be my player two?”

For the active couple

If you and your other half enjoy staying active, the world is your playground. Mix exercise with technology and love. One creative guy plotted a route for him and his sweetie, ran the route, and ended at the place where they first met.

The romantic part was that when he showed her the GPS map of their route, it spelled out, “Marry me?” The opportunities are vast, and just a little thought will help you create a well-crafted proposal in any situation.

Reach for the stars

For you and your astronomy-loving partner, why not use the love of science to propose? If you both have an interest in the stars, there’s likely to be a high-powered telescope lying around somewhere.

You could fashion a small circular note with your proposal, and attach the note to the end of the telescope. There’s a little more to it than that, but you get the point. When he/she looks through the scope, they will see your words. You can then present an ‘out of this world’ moissanite engagement ring (see this) to really make their eyes light up like the night sky.

Pizza proposals cannot be denied

It may not be the most romantic way to propose, but in the right situation, a pizza proposal can hold all the right cards. Gamer girls and guys will be able to respect this method.

Write your message on the underside of the top of the pizza box. When your mate opens the box to grab a juicy slice, they’ll be met with two joyous rewards.

Ask at the end of a meal

If you want a quiet dinner proposal at home, there are numerous ways to propose with a meal. One of the most inventive methods is to propose at the end of your partner’s meal.

At the bottom of your lover’s bowl, write a marital message. When he/she finishes their food, your proposal will be revealed.