He enjoyed enjoying his learn lookin happier even with discovering that happiness which have another type of guy

On the means domestic, the fresh carriage is ambushed by the son fo Sun Congrui. However, Ji Heng got his men overpowered the newest young man within minutes.

What a beneficial gay and you may memorable existence!

A slave have been nearly fatally poisoned are delivered to Tian Qi. She got only started examining him when Miss Kang forced and you will desired Tian Qi to adopt the tiny cut in their hand.

Tian Qi forgotten their unique and Dr Ding asserted that he will get a hold of into slash however, Miss Kang wanted Tian Qi to help you dump their unique.

The guy said that they were already rumoured in order to have a depraved dating

Madam Ji mentioned that when the she wished to getting hitched into Residence Ji after that she would be to stop getting instance a rotten girl. Just how do she do the family?

Ji Heng entitled each other Tian Qi and Ji Zheng to see him. He questioned Tian Qi what was her opinion whenever Ji quente nГіrdicos menina Zheng refused both the individuals having a marriage getting him.

Additional Tian Qi said that she heard good rumour that their and you may Ji Zheng was in fact too romantic which she got enticed him.

So it did actually please Ji Zheng and you can asked if she performed entice him. Awww, they are doing has a biochemistry too.

Ji Heng expected Tian Qi becoming indeed there when he talks to help you Sunrays Congrui. not, Tian Qi became as an alternative to laden with by herself due to their hidden fury on Congrui.

She had to kneel down where she is condition up to it had dark and you can been pouring greatly. Ji Heng informed her to preceed to help you their place.

Ji Heng nearly got seduced because of the sound off Kang Ning’er singing in the conclusion, he ran the contrary ways.

Sheng Anhuai informed Tian Qi that she have to compensate that have Ji Heng and you can reduce your such as for instance he was a buddy once more.

In the end, it was not too much to alleviate your warmly again since the he gave their unique a couple of bust of cash.

Tian Qi are instantly prepared to comprehend the money prior to their unique. She then requested if Ji Heng regretted punishing their own.

Tian Qi following said that she never undertake the bucks if there is absolutely no feel dissapointed about, then she cannot need merit.

Ji Heng is actually flummoxed and you can said thus so you can Sheng Anhui just who is actually equally mistaken for currency enjoying Tian Qi declining discover them.

The guy flew kites which have a low profile message out-of feel dissapointed about. Tian Qi discovered one of several kites and you will decided to go to select Ji Heng.

Ji Zheng came to see Ji Heng. He advised his sister he would definitely end up being getting forever in town plus got himself his or her own mansion. Parallels he requisite men and women to complete new article in the manor. He’d wish start with hoping one to Ji Zheng can assist him provides Tian Qi since their assistant.

Ji Zheng started by being peaceful about any of it however, wound-up shouting from the Ji Zheng to have looking to poach Tian Qi. He does not want his brother and you may Tian Qi to live a longevity of wenching and you can debauchery.

Before their loved ones altar (or something like that) Ji Heng was about so you’re able to commence lashing Ji Zheng whenever Tian Qi appeared and begged Ji Zheng so you’re able to penalize their particular rather because it had been her blame.

Tian Qi mentioned that what she implied one to she respected Ji Heng a whole lot that she feels therefore lower alongside him. He had been so primary, next to him she felt like they were cloud and you will mud.