Jennifer can not avoid the real look one to overtakes this new fake one

Rodney is quick sleeping. So is actually John. They’ve been one another sitting on a floor by the side of Rodney’s bed, putting on its usual working clothing, jackets as well as-tees discarded; the notebook still playing the film toward coffee-table for the front ones; flashes out-of white to tackle over their faces. Rodney’s face are 1 / 2 of-smushed to the John’s neck and he or she is drooling toward John’s black colored t-shirt; John’s head is tilted so you can other individuals to your Rodney’s. They appear so precious.

She bites their unique lip examining if she will slip back away and you may pick her up camera to take a photograph before among them wakes up because image they generate is indeed lovable. And you will instantly, it’s like this woman is strolled within the into the something so much more personal than one or two relatives dropping off to sleep on each most other.

The door slides open effortlessly – Rodney’s keyed they therefore she will be able to availableness rather than slamming – and you may she actions during the partial-dark with a grin pinned to their unique face additionally the word “surprise” hanging on her behalf throat

It’s stupid, she tells herself, although their sight beginning to catalogue the newest dirt on the dresser this woman is looking at; debris you to says to her Ronon and you may Teyla were throughout the area at the some point; discarded mugs and you will dishes, pizza pie packets, Teyla’s shawl, Torren’s doll. It actually was obviously a group nights.

Their unique heartbeat speeds up; adrenaline rushing owing to their particular: fight or trip their own intuition shout during the their

But she cannot quite move an impact you to definitely she’s brand new burglar; are unable to let but think returning to all the rumours that swim around Atlantis. She has never ever experienced any one of they, not least once the she actually is over many the physicals more than the past two years. These are typically household members; close friends. That’s it.

She looks back from the a couple of dudes and you will freezes. John wants back on their particular; hazel sight entirely flat, expressionless, cold.

She blinks and you can he could be cheerful back at the her sheepishly like in order to apologise for now in which he wasn’t awake enough to acknowledge their own; his deal with try transformed in the side of things dangerous to your boyish appeal you to definitely she supposes is always to assures her he or she is harmless. He mimes appointment their particular outside of the room. She nods, wanting to know exactly how much out of what she got thinking he’d viewed on her behalf face. She actions in reverse and you will brains away.

John joins their own a second afterwards, rubbing the rear of their neck as if there is certainly an enthusiastic pain indeed there. “Hey, Doc.” He grins during the their particular ruefully. “I guess I decrease asleep truth be told there.”

Jennifer attempts to smile back. “Disappointed getting waking you.” She aims getting a teasing build. “Your a couple of generated a cute visualize.”

His embarrassment relieves her very own and you may she smiles again even more really. “And present up my personal opportunity to score Rodney to-do any type of Needs?” She waggles their particular eyebrows.

John holds the hands up when you look at the stop trying and you can waves to the doorway. “I will make you in order to it.” He requires one step along the passageway and you may ends. He looks more than his shoulder and you may body gestures vaguely once again. “Nice having you back. He could be overlooked you.”

Jennifer nods and you may smiles within him and therefore actually is any kind of even more assurance John requisite because the he guides swiftly aside and you will is finished before Jennifer provides turned-back on the door.

They opens once more and she finds Rodney towards their foot, lookin faintly bewildered. Maybe he would woken up after John got remaining, astonished to track down himself alone. His phrase alter the moment she guides from inside the, answering having for example apparent pleasure you to definitely Jennifer feels greatly thankful for their openness; it never does not build her feel need.