Significant independency characterises brideprice and various modalities regulate various Dagaaba congeries

This loss in the newest bridewealth diverges from the really commercialised repayments stated in the urban areas inside the Ghana and you will somewhere else (Shope, 2006; Posel & Rudwick, 2013)

Brand new commission away from bridewealth takes up a significant position on relationship techniques across the ethnicities inside the north Ghana, and additionally Dagaaba, Frafra and Builsa regions. Among the many Dagaaba, new bridewealth, kyeuri, primarily constitutes such as for example products just like the libi-pe?le (cowrie shells, see Shape step 1 ), fowls, cig and you can cola wild. In some cases, the level of cowrie shells should be in keeping with whatever are purchased this new bride’s mom. Various other period, ties out-of solidarity within families or settlements of the fiance and bridegroom cause a decrease in the percentage, of course, if the new bride’s agnatic kin determine you to definitely in the past the new groom’s family recharged a leading brideprice to possess a marriage, he could be browsing and additionally insist on an inflated commission. Nonetheless, there are also standardised matrimony repayments along the Dagaaba setup. At present, typically 2000 cowries, otherwise dollars similar, are usually acknowledged since the bridewealth when you look at the Serekpere as well as environs. Which number is short for a good grave protection off an amount of 20,000 and you can over cowries that was acknowledged in identical area regarding 90s. In perspective away from neoliberal financial regulations, and you can dwindling farming output profile within this sensitive ecological area, all of our telecommunications which have gatekeepers showed that new cutback into the matter regarding cowries is intended to build relationships reasonable. Notably, new percentage isn’t contingent upon the new things of your own bride, that’s, perhaps the bride-to-be is highly experienced, separated, has recently considering beginning or otherwise not as the said elsewhere (Borgerhoff Mulder, 1989, 1995; Anderson, 2007). This new customary norms ruling the practice of bridewealth are set away in the event the flexible despite the latest bride’s socio-financial position and/or level of rights transported.

Anderson (2007: 159) account you to in settings round the Africa, the marriage payment are normatively elevated of the groom’s ‘father, grandfather and father’s brothers, with mom’s brothers and come up with brief contributions’

The new bridewealth among Dagaaba, given that across the societies from inside the rural northern Ghana, are an elaborate means of negotiations between your agnatic kin away from the latest wedding couple and you can, typically, a 3rd party, titled good dendeo, a marriage liaison. Normally, a married relationship liaison is a man regarding the groom’s town exactly who has some relations from the bride’s settlement. The new dendeo leads the brand new groom’s family unit members to your bride’s agnatic kin, first in order to formally ask for their unique turn in marriage also to pay the brideprice. The fresh relations of the dendeo toward bride’s nearest and dearest signify aforementioned was considerate into the groom and his kin. The former together with pleads for the newest groom’s kinsmen in the event that the newest bride’s relatives want so you can costs an inflated brideprice. As bridewealth might have been transferred to and you will approved by the bride’s kin, the marriage partnership is created and you will legitimated.

Normatively, the new yirdandoo, your head of the family unit members, rather than the father of your own bride to be, ‘s the custodian of the cowries brought as the marriage costs. At a group dialogue from inside the Nator, close Serekpere, showing the brand new part of your own lead of the clan, Mwinyella, a research new member, explained, leading to help you their paternal cousin who’s your mind regarding his clan, that: ‘so it guy try dad thereby when i wed it could well be his obligation to help you [spend the money for bridewealth] to own me’. Yet, to own families rather than resources appointed as bridewealth, this new groom along with his agnatic kin are responsible for elevating it. It changes, to an extent, from the Dagaaba account displayed right here. But really it resonates which have bridewealth techniques certainly one of certain Frafra congeries, where normatively the fresh new groom’s dad and you can dad’s brothers have the effect of paying the bridewealth and you will where he is unable to improve they the fresh groom converts to their dad’s or mom’s brothers to possess assistance.