A big part of your food experience, for better or worse, is going to be dependent on where you eat. It’s been shown time and time again that the environment and presentation of food are almost more important than the quality of the food itself when it comes to your overall culinary experience. The same food in a different location will taste totally different – knowing this allows you to make interesting choices about where to have the best food in the best environments!

Specifically, think about places like cafes, food trucks, diners, fancy restaurants, and even at-home meals. Every place has a different way to add or subtract from your eating experience.


Eating at cafes is all about people watching. Especially when cafes are in interesting places like at malls, or when they’re located on busy corners in cities, eating almost takes a back seat to the culture that you absorb just from being around a dynamic environment. People will pay lots of money just to sit and have a cup of coffee at their favorite cafe, and not think twice about it.

Food Trucks

If you’ve never tasted food truck fare, then you have a lot to look forward to in your life. After the sun goes down, and people are milling around in the street after events, you’ll often be able to catch some of the least expensive, most delicious food you’ve ever tasted. Even eating off of paper plates while sitting on the ground, the experience of the food truck will be one that you want to repeat over and over again. If you attend festivals, you’ll quickly see how food trucks fit into that picture as well.


There’s always something to be said about eating at diners as well. In fact, many people can forget everything about a certain city or town except for the famous diner they ate at. They might not even remember the food, but they’ll remember the theme, and the waitstaff, and the degree of customer service they got. Diners know they’re selling an experience to customers, not just food.

Fancy Restaurants

For people with cash to spend, there’s always the option of fancy restaurants. This is where you’re paying for the experience, and often paying to impress someone. Going out on an important date? Take them to an expensive restaurant to treat them to the idea of luxury along with the presentation of the food. Though I hope, just as I’m sure everyone else does, that as I pay a high price for the food, the restaurant managers are keeping the kitchen as clean as possible. Everything from the food storage to the cleaning may be carried out by companies that possibly provide Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL, or full kitchen cleans regualrly. This way it may be ensured that the food environment is truly worth the price.

At Home

And then, for the folks who want to keep costs down and meals customized, there’s the option of cooking at home. You can buy awesome pots, pans, and utensils, and experiment to your heart’s desire using all the crazy ingredients you want until you’re exactly the cook that you want to be!