In some circles, there’s a strong push to help with illnesses and conditions with medication, physical therapy, or psychological counseling. One area that’s often overlooked, though, is simply by choosing the right food to put in your body. Nutrition often isn’t going to be a cure for serious diseases, but it can be a great improvement with more minor issues.


Consider that food and nutrition can help with situations regarding addiction, fatigue, depression, body image issues, and concentration. Always consult a doctor when any of these issues are severe, life-altering, or life-threatening, but in mild cases, research what the fuel you give your body can do to help you out.


When you begin to research addiction recovery, you’ll find that nearly every rehab facility has a nutritional aspect to their program. This is because addiction often will run perpendicular to health, so by forcing the health issue. By reaffirming the ability of food to create a balance in the mind and body, rehab facilities (similar to Phoenix House California and others) are reverse engineering the needs of an addict into the needs of a happy and healthy person.


There are very few feelings worse than being tired all the time. Life’s a drag. Sleep doesn’t help. You have no energy to enjoy life, and all the colors turn gray. Sometimes the best way to begin the fight against fatigue is to start by adjusting your diet. Find out what a good balance of fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals might be with a body type like yours, and see if you can get that to help out your cause.


Something else where food might be a problem is when you start to notice a mild depression settling down around your life. Too much alcohol, too much fast food, or an unbalanced diet can really start to affect your mindset. So if you catch yourself suddenly not feeling as good about life, try changing small things at a time about your balance and timing of food and meals.

Body Image Issues

Because what we eat translates into how we look, it’s possible that when people have a twisted view of how they look (as in the case of body image issues), that they will incorrectly adjust how they eat. This leads to all sort of different eating disorders, and in severe cases needs to be treated immediately by trained professionals.


If you feel like your concentration is off, it could be an imbalance of things as simple as sugar and salt in your body. Eating a bunch of health fruits and vegetables, no matter how tasteless they are sometimes, will fast-track your brain to getting back on target when it comes to reliable focus.