It isn’t often difficult to understand which foods aren’t great for your health. Sugary foods, deep-fried and other unhealthy options are fairly universally identified as not being great for you. The dentists at Hawley Lane Dental recommend that you also be careful of the foods you eat for your dental health.

Foods to watch

By recommending foods to watch, we aren’t saying you should never eat these foods. We believe that all things in moderation is probably fine. However, we are recommending that try to be more cognisant of what you are eating.

Sugary foods

Sugars left on your teeth for extended periods of time can often negatively affect your dental health. This is one of the reasons many dentists recommend not putting your children to sleep with a bottle of milk. Dentists (similar to the ones found at this Dental Clinic Memphis) often recommend limiting the intake of sugary drinks even those that are citrus based like orange juice. Sugars can lead to cavities. Be mindful of your intake and be sure to brush afterwards if possible.

Ice and hard foods

Chewing on things that are hard can naturally be bad for your teeth. Hard substances can crack or damage the enamel or outer protective layer of your teeth.

Coffees, teas and sodas

Coffees and teas can stain teeth. If you do drink them, we recommend drinking enough water afterwards to thoroughly rinse your teeth. Sodas are often extremely sugary. For many aspects of your health, we recommend limiting soda consumption.

Foods to eat

Many of the foods on this list are great for your health in other ways as well. Just like foods to avoid, we encourage moderation and wisdom to be used in your consumption even good foods.

Cheese and yogurt

Many dairy products are filled with calcium and vitamins that are great for the health of your teeth. Generally eating these foods increases saliva production.

Leafy greens and carrots

Once again, this is an item that you’ll find on dietary recommendations for many aspects of your health. The nutrients and minerals found in leafy greens build the strength of tooth enamel. These vegetables also contain folic acid which is often associated with treated gum disease. Carrots are filled with fiber and vitamins. Eating carrots increases saliva production and can even clean the teeth slightly while they are being eaten.


Almonds are a great source of protein. They are also low in sugar and are a very lean nut. They don’t contain many of the aspects of other foods that aren’t great for your teeth.

Taking care of your body is important therefore, taking care of your teeth is important as well. By being careful about the types of foods you ingest, you can take better care of your teeth and overall health.