What the hell did you to definitely point do in order to your?

Bashert (1508 terminology) because of the aadarshinahAdditional Labels: SoulmatesSummary: “When the a-clock could amount right down to as soon as you see the soulmate, might you wish to know?”

I can Make suggestions Home (12568 terminology) by BrumeierRating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: Alternative Universe – Sentinels and you can Courses Try Recognized, Basic Group meetings, First time, Basic Kiss, Canonical Character Passing, Psychological Harm/Morale, Hurt/ComfortSummary: There are several things Rodney is expecting when he made the latest travels from the wormhole so you can Atlantis. Exactly what the guy don’t trust was in fact amaze Sentinels, gene mutations, room vampires of the underworld, and good sentient city together with her individual ideas for exactly how things might be.

can’t refute your appetite (4031 terminology) by the callunavulgariRating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: Approach Universe – Canon Divergence, Vampires of the underworld, Plot Just what Area/Pornography As opposed to Area, Bloodplay, FrottageSumpire for the Georgisk kvinner vs amercan kvinner Atlantis a single day immediately after they have moved from the door. He discovers the vampire involved is Rodney McKay four weeks afterwards, while they are all of the hunkered off throughout the yawning shadow of some failing spoils and you will Rodney discusses your, their sight eerily vibrant regarding the darkness, notices the newest bloodstream toward John’s face, and you will states, “Oh.”

Shed and found (13286 terms) by the RosiePawCharacters: Jack O’Neill, E Weir, Aiden Ford, Stackhouse (Stargate Atlantis), Teyla Emmagan, Carson BeckettAdditional Labels: Sentinel AUSummary: I am not sure whether or not it might be experienced a great crossover otherwise perhaps not. We have borrowed a concept away from an alternative fandom, put a slightly other spin in it after which used they into SGA ‘verse. In addition, you’ll be missing if you are not tolerably familiar with the original 11 episodes of SGA Season1.

Pleased (35068 terms and conditions) from the crysothemisRating: ExplicitAdditional Tags: Amnesia, cliche bingoSummary: “Hold off,” John said, as this needed to be a tale, didn’t they? “You are aware Ronon, nevertheless don’t know me personally? “

Without warning (6003 terms) by the LeahAdditional Labels: Descension, Amnesia, Pre-Clipped, Angst and you may Jokes, First KissSummary: “We’re members of the family, and i skipped you. “

Their Ways From Constellation (8368 words) by torakowalskiAdditional Labels: Very first time, AmnesiaSummary: They select your by chance. Obtained searched and you may found for the last six months and discovered nothing, no idea. Upcoming Katie Brownish and you can several the fresh Marines wade off-industry to analyze specific alien flowers, rating distracted by an industry and find your there; not for sale, while the Rodney quickly assumes on hearing, but working the stand, compliment and you will entire and you can totally free as you like.

Pretty much everything you need to know from the Sentinels are going to be achieved on the fake-quotation at the beginning of the brand new fic

Living You Lead (13571 words) of the thegrrrl2002Rating: ExplicitAdditional Labels: AmnesiaSummary: “This place is really odd,” John said. “Should i go homeward now?” Not that he’d people suggestion where house is actually to own your.

Margin out of Error (1004 conditions) by the dogearedAdditional Labels: picfor1000, AmnesiaSummary: John’s beginning to think maybe he didn’t score their memories right back quite proper.

Rewind, Reboot, Repair (23471 words) of the RheannaAdditional Tags: Amnesia, Crisis, Romance, Wordcount: -Summary: Liking Rodney McKay is actually very similar to how Douglas Adams had discussed flying: the key were to toss on your own at the him and miss.

As to why can’t We hold your own give?

eat plant life, breathe light (1585 terms) of the callunavulgariAdditional Tags: Short term Amnesia, Happen to HighSumy look, swaying somewhat on the him, and you can claims, “You may have very breathtaking sight, you know one to?”

Amnesiac (4153 conditions) by the SperanzaAdditional Tags: Amnesia, Very first time, SlashSummary: He or she is just about to point a before-dining quickie in the event that Canadian brings out and you can squints up on your, and you can says, a little breathlessly, “You hit your face, did you not?”

I Decide to try A man In Reno Merely to Check out Him Die by thisissiriusSummary: It had been for the 2nd 14 days that they first started to notice it. They started out slow, foolish points that not one person would think about generally speaking. Up coming Sheppard expected from time to time as to why Ford was not inside Atlantis and you can his team herded your toward medical center.