Not everyone is ready to hop into a bikini when the weather turns warm, and it’s time to head for the beach. People can feel pale; or perhaps they aren’t too comfortable about follicle overgrowth in certain areas (which by the way, can be remedied by opting for Semper Laser Hair Removal treatments and its likes). Yet others might feel a little jiggly in certain spots, and overall maybe just a little accustomed to wearing layers rather than bearing skin after a long winter.

Don’t panic. Bikini season is something that you can start to ease into rather than dive in all at once. Try to start practicing healthy habits about a month before you anticipate the weather getting warmer. Try to avoid eating foods that could work against your bikini body progress. That means not giving into addictions all day every day. You will have to have a bit of self discipline if you want to feel good in a tiny item of clothing. Here are some of the biggest culprits that you will want to steer clear of.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are known for packing more of a punch in a few small bites than in a whole plate of something fresh or raw which is naturally derived. Fried foods are not only fattening and can lead to weight gain, but they carry very little nutritional content.

It is important to avoid too many fried foods when you are trying to reach your fitness and diet goals. This way you can stay on the healthy path rather than allowing yourself to give into foods which you know will only lead to giving into more bad habits. This type of eating will ultimately lead to feeling bad about yourself if you’ve been trying to get in shape.


Sugar is one of the worst things to try to give up since it is in just about everything. Cutting sugar out of your diet will make a huge difference not only in your waistline, but you may find yourself getting rid of other symptoms like headaches, bloating, or irritability.

Humans were not born into this world equipped to start eating candy and donuts. In reality, foods high in sugar are not good for the body and will cause issues which could lead to obesity related diseases. Try cutting out at least half of your normal sugar consumption when it comes time to put on a bikini. You’ll find the results will come much faster.


Beer is something which is delicious during summertime and often common at events like barbecues or floating down the river with your friends. However, it is packed full of carbs and calories. Not to mention if you start feeling buzzed, you are likely to give into temptations like eating greasy food.

If you are at an event and you would like to drink alcohol there, try reaching for a glass of wine or a clear spirit with water or diet soda as the mixer.