Food is necessary to live and the majority of us love that idea, because we love food. Fast food, home cooked meals, and even food from a box are all satisfying options. We love to eat food and most of us have favorites in every category from fruits and vegetables to Italian cuisine, but those things only exist in grocery stores and fine restaurants. Right? Below, are three places most of us would name off as places you might find the worst food.

Correctional Facilities

You messed up and broke the law. Now you are bound for prison where you sleep on a slab, your best view of the outdoors comes at recreation time, and your comedic bunk mate’s name is Bubu. Oh, and the food is to die for. Wait! We’re talking about jail food, right? In a place where the majority of people assume if you break the law, you are being punished, you can find some of the best quality food. Now, sleeping above your comedic friend Bubu doesn’t have to be the only perk in your prison term.

Rehabilitation Centers

Now this option might not be as surprising as the others. It makes sense that when an addict is in recovery that you would want to give them reasons not to go back. Good tasting home cooked food is enough, in some people’s opinions, to keep anyone from going back to drugs. There are many residential programs in rehab that do their best to make their patients feel cared for and loved. Good food is just one of those ways.


So, you got sick and ended up in the hospital for a few days, if you’re lucky. Some poor souls end up there for an extended stay. Though hospitals are known as a place of healing and caring nurses and doctors working long hours to make sure you get better, they are much less well known for the menu they produce. Hospital food has been the butt of numerous jokes, but this is because it’s usually true. When we are sick or recovering from surgery, doctors are known to prescribe food for us that will help us recover faster. It’s not always appealing, but there are some making menus worth ordering from again.

Food is amazing! The people who make cooking their forte serenade us with their talent with every bite. Some of those people made their way into the culinary dungeons of the world and are bringing flavor back to previously flavorless venues. No longer can we judge a kitchen by the building that encompasses it. Good food can be found anywhere. You just have to be willing to look.