There’s an incredible amount of opportunity out there right now for people trying to make a buck on the food industry. And it doesn’t really matter what your speciality is, so long as you can somehow use it to work with restaurants, food suppliers, anyone in the food-prep field, etc. The world is your oyster, and creativity is your golden goose egg!

But in terms of finding clients, that’s where you may have to think a little outside the lunch box. Consider that you might want to source your clients through professional companies outside your typical industry, search through popular food websites, look through foodie social groups, contact nutrition app owners, or even follow hashtag trends. These can all offer leads to success.

Sourcing Through Companies

One thing that companies can do to make themselves stand out is offer some type of food with their typical services. It can even make a but impression when a company that offers financial services of some type always has catering available for any event that they put on. If you specifically scan for these types of companies, you’ll often be able to find a few good targets to call to see if there’s something specific that you can do for them in the culinary realm.

Searching Popular Food Websites

When you go to popular food websites, you can glean all sorts of ways that you can make money by finding the right clients. The trick is to find a need that is already there, and then do something with your company that provides an answer to that niche. You can even take a regional approach, and scan popular food websites and then decide how to translate the best of what they offer, into something that you can offer for your local community.

Looking at Foodie Social Media Groups

There are a ton of opportunities just waiting for you in the social media realm as well. If you look up food-based Facebook groups, for instance, you’ll see tens of thousands of people discussing their relationship not only with food, but also with the food industry.

Contacting Nutrition App Owners

Another way to go to find some clients is if you look up who owns and operates any of the thousands of nutrition apps that are available through app stores. Contacting them directly to see if you can supply recipes or nutritional information based on your industry experience has huge potential.

Following Hashtag Trends

And finally, if you jump on Twitter and see what the latest food-related hashtags are that seem to be trending, you can mine for information as well as clients on that platform. Start a conversation in public, and then move it to the direct message realm in order to close the deal. With all of these options, the only things you’re ever limited by is creative power!