This healthy chicken soup review covers all the boxes for you in this Immune boosting Soup. I have been on a diet recently and was very eager to try this soup. It is very easy and quick to make and extremely tasty. It is rich with anti-oxidants and also provides detoxifying and immune boosting benefits.

The Immune boosting Soup recipe uses onion, garlic, celery and green peppers. The recipe also includes carrot juice along with spinach, broccoli and cauliflower to make a complete meal. This soup tastes amazing. The spinach adds the most nutrients to the soup. Carrot juice also helps to increase the amount of vitamin C that you get from this soup. Vitamin C helps your body to fight off infections and the bacteria that cause colds and flu.

Immune boosting Soup recipe uses ginger, garlic, onions and spices to flavor it. You can either use the fresh herbs or the dried herbs that are available at the grocery store. For added flavor and value you can buy the dried herbs, chop them and then add them to your soup.

If you can’t find the dried herbs, you can buy the onion, carrots and celery yourself and use them to make the soup. Add some fresh parsley and basil to the mix as well. To make sure that you get enough of the beneficial ingredients, add a little water to the mixture. It is best if you add all the ingredients at the same time so that the nutrients get distributed evenly.

When you cook the chicken in the soup, the juices from the chicken will mix in and along with the onions, carrots and celery. You don’t have to use the skin of the chicken because the juices will increase the flavor of the whole dish. Cook the chicken in olive oil instead of butter and eat the whole chicken, not just the thighs.

After adding all the ingredients to the crock pot, turn the cooker on and cook for about two hours. In the meantime, your immune system should be boosted up and you’ll have a delicious healthy dinner that your family will love. You can serve the Immune boosting soup and eat it with crackers and bread. You can even serve it with tomato sauce or juice as an extra bonus! Enjoy!

Keep in mind that you can buy Immune boosting soup in any supermarket or natural food store. You just need to remember to read the ingredients carefully so that you don’t end up buying unhealthy ingredients. You might also want to check out other recipes and see what foods work best for boosting your immune system. Some people like hot soup, while others prefer something with a cooler temperature. If you are making a recipe that is hot and stuffy, then you can go with a lower temperature and it will still be healthy chicken soup.

Immune boosting soup doesn’t have to be boring because you can change up the flavor by adding some fresh herbs and spices to it. You can use cumin, garlic, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, thyme, oregano, sage, Cayenne, basil, parsley, dill and even fennel. There are many ways to flavor your Immune boosting soup and your guests will notice the difference. There are plenty of choices for vegetables that you can add as well as meats and seafood. All that is needed is to spend the time to find the ones that are right for your body. Don’t forget that slow cooker prices are cheaper so you can enjoy some great tasting Immune boosting soup in your own home instead of spending the money at a restaurant.