Do you love to throw a good party and make a great dinner? Are you the first person your friends think of when they want someone to coordinate a shindig? Do you just want to learn about how you might be able to host one of the best dinner parties of the year? You might even be trying to recreate one of your favourite restaurants for dinner dates, to really wow your guests! No matter the reason, you’ve come to the right place. Your role as a dinner host is crucial to the success of your party, so read on and find out what the position requires!

Why host a dinner?

Hosting dinner parties has been relevant to history and society for centuries. People host dinners for a number of reasons — most often, for celebrations of many kinds. Sometimes, dinners are held in memory of certain events or people. No matter the occasion, it is always important to ensure that your dinner runs as smoothly as possible. A great dinner can make your reputation, while a bad one can break it. The whole menu and decorations are part of the whole process, and it may seem stressful. But, you get to decide whether to make the bbq sauce yourself or get it from experts like Lefty’s Spices. The event goes according to your plan and that’s very cool. So, prepare thoroughly and early on to create an amazing, seamlessly flowing evening. If the pressure of cooking and hosting at the same time seems a bit daunting to you though, remember you can always tone the formalities right down and invite everyone over for a takeaway from somewhere like This way, everyone can choose what they want to eat, meaning you don’t have to stress about whether everyone likes your food, and you have more time to host and enjoy the evening.

Becoming a better dinner host

There are many elements that need to be considered when planning the best dinner party that you can offer. The first element is the most definitive — it’s you. You are the star of the show, the chef in the kitchen and the connoisseur of the industry — technically speaking, of course. When throwing the best dinner party, you have to be the best host that you can be. To help you achieve this level of aptitude, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can guide you towards becoming an awesome dinner host. Read on to find out which tips might work best for you!

Don’t be shy: As the host, you are largely considered the face of the party, and with good reason. Because you organised the party, everyone will look to you first when in need. You will be expected to keep the party regulated, stay on schedule and support your guests’ needs to the best of your ability. A quick smile, greeting and initiation of small talk are simple and effective ways to break the ice.

Prepare in bulk: Many say that it is better to have too little rather than too many supplies since you can always add more. However, in the name of parties and get-togethers, this rule has no merit. Nobody wants to hear this logical quote when they’re waiting for the host to come back from the store with toilet paper because she didn’t expect so many guests. Buying in bulk, even if you know you will not use it all, will save you an extra trip, stave off a slew of complaints and portray your persistence and thought process.

High-quality glassware: Glassware says more about an establishment than one would ever like to admit. Although it may seem minute, it makes a world of difference to ensure that your glassware is both urban and elegant at once. Offer your guests simple luxuries, such as specific glasses for Prosecco, Bloody Marys and the like. This gives you an immediate feel of versatility and makes you look more knowledgeable than you might be.

Complementing and contrasting colour: When considering decor, you may ponder whether you want to be daring or dull. Do you want to make a loud statement, or do you want a calmer ambience? Utilising both warm and cool colours to contrast and complement one another is a great way to find a middle ground between the two. Do not be reluctant to try colour patterns that you haven’t seen before, either. Your party is what you make of it, so make it your own!

Plan an agenda: Though there’s nothing wrong with “winging” it (we’ve all done it), parties often have the best turnouts when the hosts create an agenda. Keeping a printed rundown of the agenda will give guests an idea of what to expect, so work towards keeping this in as much order as you can.

There are many reasons to host a dinner party, and there are many ways to be the best at doing so. Whether you’re just someone who likes to party or you want to go into the industry, start somewhere and build up. As a dinner host, constantly remind yourself of the many ways that you can improve your guests’ experience. Then, you can throw more dinner parties under the excuse that you’re working on your craft. Cheers to dinner parties