To be honest, Japanese food has never particularly appealed to me. I’ve never been to Japan (though it’s definitely on my list!), so I’m pretty ignorant about Japanese cuisine – the only thing I’m familiar with is (vegetarian!) sushi, which I don’t really enjoy. Cold rice and raw veggies really isn’t my thing.

So when I first learned about okonomiyaki, I was pretty surprised by how amazing it looked. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a savoury Japanese pancake full of shredded veggies (I used cabbage, carrot and spring onions), and it’s really, really tasty. It’s also super easy to make – you may have noticed that it looks a bit of a mess, which means that if you muck up the pancake at all, you can just drizzle a load of sauce over the top, and nobody will be any the wiser.

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  1. My favorite Japanese vegetarian option! If you can find it, swapping the puréed ginger for beni shōg–a pickled ginger–really changes the flavor profile. Same with Japanese mayo. It’s sweeter than western mayonnaise and goes well with the savory pancake.

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