There is plenty of food out there, in the wild, that counts as healthy food. When you really want to get serious about healthy living and healthy eating and you have a little adventure in your blood, you just might want to try a little hunting and gathering. There are a large number of keen hunters out there, that are looking for the latest technology to help them catch their prey (such as gaining Riflescopescenter Aim point advice). There is a lot to learn, and many ways to hunt. It can be fun and worthwhile.

You don’t have to hunt on a regular basis to try out the hunter and gatherer lifestyle. It can be fun to go a hunting lodge where all of the gear you need is supplied for you and you can get a feel of what it’s like to hunt. The key is that you want to use this meat as food.

You Can Hunt Or Buy The Meat

Deer meat, also known as venison, is one of the healthiest red meats out there. It’s natural and good for you, it’s low in fat, and it’s not pumped full of hormones like meat from farms. It’s not the only healthy wild animal meat there is for you, though.

Elk is pretty much the same, and elk meat is also referred to as venison. There are smaller animals that make good wild game to put on the dinner table, as well. Those include squirrels and rabbit. You can buy rabbit from farmers as well, and even farm-raised rabbit is still heart healthy.

Turkey is a healthy white meat, although wild turkey offers more on the dark meat side and far fewer hormones. Do a little research on when your local hunting seasons are, and make sure you’re properly licensed and have the right gear to be safe.

Picking Wild Greens And Berries

There are many greens growing in the wild that you can eat. In fact, your yard just might be filled with a salad ready for the picking without you even planting a garden. The key to gathering wild growing items is to know what is safe to eat and what isn’t. There are books and websites with all of this info.

There are also edible flowers, like roses and marigolds. Dandelions are also edible, the flowers and the greens (they are great in a salad, both leaves and flowers). You can even fry up dandelion flowers or soak them to make tea.

Berries and mushrooms are sometimes risky things to eat in the wild. You need to know for sure that the ones you’re considering eating or edible or you could end up dead. There are plenty of bad ones out there, but there are also raspberries and blackberries growing in the wild.

These natural foods are hormone and pesticide free. They grow in the wild, so they don’t cost you a dime (aside from the hunting fees, of course).