Food plays a crucial role in our well our bodies function and how well we are able to fight off disease and age-related illnesses.  It is important to know what gives our bodies fuel and what holds us back.  

When we are educated on what kind of foods are good and what is good for us we can make intelligent food decisions and reach for something good or us rather than something bad for us when we are hungry.

You can add years onto your life by taking care of your health rather than carelessly putting whatever you want into your body.

Here are some of the best tips for choosing wise food choices when you are hungry and want to extend your life.

Eat More Raw Foods

Eating raw foods is a great way to make sure that your body gets essential micronutrients which support a strong body full of vitamins and enzymes.  You can also get plenty of fiber which helps your system clean itself out naturally without the need for medicine.

Often people aren’t getting enough raw foods in their diet and are eating a surplus of heavy carbs and meats which can weigh down on your stomach and make you feel heavy and bloated.

Don’t Eat Processed Foods

If you eat too many foods that are packed in boxes and plastic wrap you can be sure that you are eating all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. When you eat all of these chemicals you are putting yourself at risk for cancer which has been linked to a lot of these things associated with processed foods.

They are also full of fat and carbs which are known for adding extra weight to your body and burn much slower than foods from natural origins.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

Too much sugar leads to obesity and diabetes.  Sugar is highly addictive and can lead to fatigue if consumed in heavy doses regularly.

It is important to know the difference between sugar that is found in something like a piece of fruit or the high fructose corn syrup which is found in desserts and sugar sodas.

Another hidden source of sugar are in juices which people can be led to believe are healthy but can often pack just as much sugar as candy or sodas.  Fresh squeezed juices are always more ideal that juice that comes from concentrate.

Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol is something that has extra calories, carbs, and sugars that your body can definitely do without.  Alcohol also slows down cognitive function and can lead to overeating.  

There is also the added effect of the hangover which is your body going through dehydration as a result of the alcohol.  Try minimizing your alcohol intake and you will find your body feels much healthier and you will have an overall much better functioning system.